I attended your recital on Sunday as a guest of one of your performers. This was my third recital in as many weeks. Although the first one I attended was special because my 4 year old granddaughter danced, I have to tell you that by far, of the three attended yours was amazingly the best. You are to be congratulated for the obvious care, dedication, attention to detail and most of all fun that was so evident. My only regret is that I can’t bring my granddaughter to your studio due to geography! Congratulations on a job very well done!

– Dotty

The dance instructors at Eloquence Dance Center make each child feel special and full of talent. We have enjoyed watching our daughter become comfortable as a performer and excited to improve as a dancer. The center is a warm and welcoming place that invites the whole family to participate in one way or another.

– Karen M., Groton, MA

Eloquence Dance Centre is just great! My girls just love Miss Whitney and have had such a wonderful and positive time. There is no pressure – just the sheer joy of learning to dance. The dance routines are creative and fun. Great communication and very accommodating. Everyone there has been fabulous. It has been a great experience and I highly recommend Eloquence.

– Kim D., Groton, MA

I wanted to make sure you knew just how much Emily loves being part of the “eloquence family” – she loves dance and she loves going to see you every week.  I’m amazed to see how much these girls have “grown” in the 4 years they’ve been dancing and that is because of you. So thank you…from me…for making my little girl feel like a “star.”

 – Linda,  Littleton, MA

Our two pre-teen girls have been dancing for eight and four years respectively. After a number of years at another studio, they suddenly lost their enthusiasm for dance. We believe that this was due to a stressful atmosphere that existed at the other studio. Our choices were to give up dance entirely, or find another studio. Eloquence Dance Centre had just opened, so we decided to look into classes there, in addition to a number of other studios. Our initial impression of Eloquence was very positive, and we have never for an instant regretted our decision to enroll our girls there.

The first thing we noticed was of the quality of the facilities. They are first rate. There is plenty of parking, the lobby is comfortable, the dance studios are clean and well maintained, and there are closed circuit televisions that allow parents and siblings to watch classes without intruding on the students.

The business side of the operation is run very professionally. Schedules are always up to date and easy to read, and invoicing is accurate and easy to understand. The Business Manager, Kim is always available to answer any questions in a cheerful and informative manner. This makes budgeting simple and eliminates the possibility of unanticipated expenses.

Eloquence offers a wide array of dance genres. This has allowed our girls to branch out from the classical ballet training that they had, and broadened the range of their talents. The Centre’s Director, Whitney has tailored the classes to the abilities and interests of the students, rather than forcing them to adhere to a rigid curriculum. This allows the students to build on what they do well, rather than mindlessly drilling on movements that don’t appeal to them.

Whitney is no Diva. The focus is on the students, and this is very evident in the year end recital. In many recitals that I have attended, the students serve as props for adults who are the main characters in the ballets being performed. At Eloquence, the emphasis is on the students. Staff members are rarely on stage and when they are, it is usually in a reassuring, rather than a starring role. I truly appreciate this, because like most people in the audience, I am there to see my child. I expect the students to be the stars, and want to see what they have learned.

The greatest benefit that students get from attending Eloquence is a boost in their self-esteem. They all like and respect Whitney, and she goes out of her way to make them feel good about themselves. Students are eager when they come into class and seem even happier when it is finished. Whitney really connects with the students, and she makes a point of saying something positive to each of them. When she does, that student’s eyes light up and a smile just takes over the child’s face. Every time that I see this happen, it reinforces my firm belief that we have made the right choice in sending our girls to Eloquence.

– Beth & Bob Bell, Littleton, MA