Our Dance Classes

Preschool Dance – 45 minutes

3 – 4 Years Old

Preschool Dance is geared to our preschool-aged students. Students will begin to learn the fundamental movements of ballet, tap and creative movement.

Level I – 60 minutes

5 – 6 Years Old

Level I is tailored for our kindergarten and first grade students. The fundamental movements of ballet and tap are further taught as well as the addition of jazz dance.

Level II – 90 Minutes

7 – 8 Years Old

Level II is divided into 30 minute sessions of ballet, tap and jazz. In Ballet, students will concentrate on ballet barre and center exercises which will emphasize body placement and alignment. During the tap portion of class students will learn to create rhythms with his or her feet. In Jazz, students will learn stretches to increase flexibility, body isolations and essential jazz movements.

Level III – 2 hours

8 – 10 Years Old

Level II increases ballet instruction to 1 hour allowing for further development during center and across the floor combinations. During the tap and jazz sections students will learn high energy steps that will further expand knowledge of tap and jazz dance.

Level IV – 2 hours

10+ years old

Level IV continues with 45 minutes of ballet & jazz instruction with 30 minutes of tap instruction. In ballet, students will further focus on barre, center and across the floor exercises increasing in difficulty. In both tap and jazz, students will continue to learn more advanced technique with more of an emphasis on center combination and performance.

Level V – 2.75 hours

11+ years old

Level V continues with 1 hour of ballet and jazz instruction and 45 minutes of tap instruction. In ballet, students will further focus on barre, center and across the floor moving towards an advanced level of difficulty. In both tap and jazz, students will continue to learn more advanced technique with a higher emphasis on completing tasks successfully but also maintaining a higher level of performance.

Teen Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary – 60 minutes Ballet, 60 minutes Jazz, 45 Minutes Tap

13+ Years Old

Teen ballet, tap and jazz is geared towards teenage dancers with a desire to increase and develop and greater understanding of each subject. Classes are offered to both beginning teen students, as well as more advanced teen dancers.

Advanced Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop – 60-75 minutes

Geared towards our committed dancers with strong dance technique. Advanced classes are by director placement only.

Pointe – 45 minutes

Level I,II, III, IV

Pointe is geared towards our ballet dancers with years of ballet training. Dancers must be physically strong and must be placed into class by director.


Level I/II 7+ years old
Level III 10+ years old
Level IV 10+ years old

Contemporary is geared towards student with a background in traditional dance. Contemporary is a fusion of modern, lyrical and jazz dance. Since a great deal of the movements in contemporary are isolated and exaggerated, this dance form tends to be very physical – To put it lightly, this is a workout!

Note: Students enrolled in Beginner/Intermediate Contemporary dance must also be enrolled in at least one additional class at Eloquence.

Hip Hop

Little Hip Hoppers – 45 minutes 4-6 Years Old
Hip Hop I – 45 minutes 7-9 years old
Hip Hop II – 60 minutes 10+ years old
Boys Only Hip Hop – 45 Minutes 5+ years old
Advanced Hip Hop – 60 minutes 13+ years
Level III 11+ years old
Level IV 11+ years old

One of today’s most popular dance forms, Hip Hop is fun and energetic. Class begins with warm up, which enforces and teach strength and flexibility and progresses to moving across the floor and center choreography. Hip Hop teach rhythm and confidence to students of all ages.

Irish Step

Level I – 45 minutes 6+ years old
Level II – 60 minutes 7+ years old
Level III – 60 minutes 8+ years old
Level IV – 60 minutes 9+ years old
Level V – 11+ years old
Beginner Hard Shoe – 45 Minutes 9+ years old
Intermediate/Advanced Hard Shoe- 60 minutes 10+ years old

Irish Step classes are designed to teach students the art of traditional Irish Step dancing. Class will focus on proper stretching, dance techniques, balance, posture, and traditional steps, such as reels, jigs, and slip jigs. Students will also be introduced to traditional and modern Irish Music.

Note: Hard Shoe Irish Step is geared towards dancers with strong, previous soft shoe technique. Placement is by director only and dancers must be enrolled in soft shoe Irish Step at the same time.

Acro Dance – 45 Minutes

6+ years old

Acro is a dance style that combines both dance and acrobatic elements. This dance form is ideal for both dancers and gymnasts or those looking to try something knew but have a love for both art forms.

Musical Theatre – 45 Minutes

7+ years old

Geared towards dancers but actors and actress welcome! Musical theatre will give participants the option to combine both acting and dancing through movement.

POMsquad – 45 Minutes

8+ years old

POMsquad is geared towards 7-10 year olds who are interested in combining dance skills with cheerleading techniques in a high energy setting. Students will learn pom movements and work to increase flexibility and endurance.

Lyrical – 45 minutes

Ages 9+

Lyrical is a dance form that combines ballet, jazz, and contemporary all while expressing a variety of emotions through the entire body. We encourage all Lyrical dancers to also take ballet class.

Adult Classes – 45-60 minutes

Whether you’re looking to dust off your old dance shoes or try something new, our adult classes are 45-minutes of fun and a bit of a challenge too!

Join us for Adult Tap, Adult Hip Hop, Ballet or Adult Fitness Barre.

Adaptive Dance Class

Ages 4-8

We are all Dancers at Eloquence! Join us for a sensory-friendly, inclusive dance class for children of all cognitive and physical abilities. Learn to jump, spin, and plié in a welcoming, supportive environment for students needing a more individualized approach with additional accommodations to meet their needs. Eloquence Owner/Artistic Director, Ms. Whitney, and Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, Kristen Ryan collaborate to bring their love of dance and supporting all children and families to the stage.

*Additional adult/teacher/assistant support available on an as-needed basis.

“I think every dancer at Eloquence is made to feel unique and part of the team. In dance especially, I think it’s important to have all dancers feel they are important, even if they can’t do a perfect split, or they have a different body type. – they still bring a part of themselves to the performance. Eloquence lives and breathes support and confidence.”

– Katie W., Littleton, MA

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