Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decide which level is the best fit for my dancer?
Dancers are placed both by ability and age. Many of our intermediate thru advanced classes have a larger age range in order to place a dancer where she will excel but also enjoy spending time with peers. For specific placements questions please ask Ms. Whitney.
I've heard amazing reviews about your performance. When we sign up for classes are we automatically enrolled in the show?
It is not mandatory but we strongly encourage all dancers to participate. Dancing an entire season is such a huge accomplishment and although there may be a bit of stage fright, your dancer (and you) will feel such a sense of pride after performing. Truly, dancing all year and then performing on stage will boost your dancers self-confidence instantly!
What do you recommend dancers wear to class?
All female dancers are required to wear leotard and tights…any color/style at any time. For your dancers safety we must be able to see body placement in order to prevent injuries. At no time are dancers permitted to wear baggy clothing during class.

Male students are required to wear clothes that are relatively form fitting but easy move in for the same reason. Proper dance shoes are also required at all times. Please check with Ms. Whitney for shoe requirements.

How should I plan for my dancers tuition?
Tuition is calculated on an annual basis and broken into 10 monthly payments in an effort to keep the monthly cost down. Tuition is the same amount each month regardless of the amount of times each class meets that month. Families may choose the 10-month option but can also pay entire season up front or a few months at a time. We are happy to help you figure out the simplest payment option for your family.
What is the difference between the costume deposit and the costume balance?

Each costume requires a $40 costume deposit due November 15th. Once the order has been submitted and the bulk order discount has been applied we calculate the final balance due January 15th.

Are your summer dance camps different than your school-year dance classes?

Yes! Our annual dance schedule runs from September-June and ends with a grand performance to celebrate the years accomplishment! Our summer dance camps are shorter sessions with different themes, smaller groups and lots of fun! Learn more about our classes here, and our summer camps here.

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