Strength Training at Eloquence

“Adding strength to function!”

What are Functional Movements:

Movement patterns you perform in your everyday life – upper and lower body pushing & pulling, hinging at the hip, rotation & anti-rotation, and your gait.

Why are functional movements essential in daily life?

Everyday your body is put in position to respond with strength or weakness. The ability to respond with strength is simple IF your body is prepared to do so. It will default to responding with weaknesses if it is not prepared. This process starts at a young age where you can develop positive habits and functional strength.


Cost: $225
7 Weeks (Wednesday/Friday/Sunday)
Week of 1/31-3/14

Wednesday 3:00-4:00 PM
Friday 5:30-6:30 AM
Sunday 7:00-8:15 PM (can fluctuate depending on Winter league game times)

During these 7 weeks participants will master functional movements. Once mastered, they will then add additional weight onto their bodyweight to build strength and muscle.

Basic movement patterns such as upper/lower body pushing and pulling, rotation and anti-rotation will be part of the strength program. Participants will follow a Push/Pull/Core superset program that will incorporate all fundamental movements to strengthen the whole body. Beyond focus on functional movements and adding strength, we will focus on explosiveness, flexibility, and mobility.

Meet our Strength & Conditioning Coach

I’m John MacIsaac, husband to Ms. Whitney of Eloquence Dance Centre, Assistant Principal at Chelmsford High School, a certified strength coach, and a father of two boys.

I currently hold my CFSC Level 1 (Certified Functional Strength Coach) certification through Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. Over the past 16 years of being in education I have worked through the school years and summers as a Strength Coach in various capacities. Highlighting my group training I worked summers at Athletic Evolution, Stop It Goaltending, and with numerous HS Sports teams.

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