What People Are Saying

My daughter has gained confidence.

My daughter has grown not only as a dancer but as a person because of Eloquence and their teachers. I took her into Eloquence kicking and screaming that first day and a few after that too. She grew to love her dance friends and the teachers at Eloquence and it became a home. The confidence she has gained in herself is amazing. She does have confidence in herself, and I have always truly believed that Eloquence and Ms. Whitney has had a lot to do with it!

– Kelly R., Littleton, MA

They have that small town family feeling.

I love that my children are welcomed each week and are excited about trying new classes and enjoying the ones they have previously taken. Whitney has done a great job expanding the business but still keeping that small town family feeling.

– Emily D., Ayer, MA

Eloquence lives and breathes support and confidence.

I always tell friends that we love Eloquence because dancers are encouraged to be supportive of each other and confident in themselves. I see the love of dance in every dancer, in every class. It’s wonderful to see girls (and boys!) learn from a young age that they can build each other up with support, instead of competing against each other. On top of that, the quality of the dancing/choreography is amazing.

I think every dancer at Eloquence is made to feel unique and part of the team. In dance especially, I think it’s important to have all dancers feel they are important, even if they can’t do a perfect split, or they have a different body type. – they still bring a part of themselves to the performance. Eloquence lives and breathes support and confidence.

– Katie W., Littleton, MA

I love to see her face light up on stage.

My daughter has made some lasting friendships and has been able to learn new steps and has new teachers that have challenged her to dance outside her comfort zone. So she can express herself in new ways. She absolutely loves tap as that is her favorite genre of dance. As a parent I love to see her face light up on stage with every routine.

She has grown as a dancer and a teenager. From her first day at Eloquence she has been excited to go to class and didn’t like to miss any. Her love of dance has grown and we really enjoy watching her shine.

– Dana W., Ayer, MA

We feel like part of a family.

Best Dance Studio by far! Eloquence is just as the name describes. Upscale and professional yet a place where my girls have fun, learn different styles of dance and feel like a part of a family. The confidence and pride that Eloquence has instilled in my girls makes me proud to see them becoming strong women. They truly love to perform and to see that come out on stage is amazing.

– Lisa C., Littleton, MA

We are very happy here.

From the moment we walked in the door, we were greeted with warm and friendly people. We are very happy here and truly feel like Whitney cares about my daughter in all aspects of her life.

– Lori C., Littleton, MA

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